Festival Info

Our Story

Elements is all about creative collaboration, with a multitude of brilliant minds coming together to fabricate each layer of our universe. This artistic collective is an imaginative force to be reckoned with, driven by a desire for learning, growth, and world-building.Our goal is to construct a brand new landscape for you to explore each year, filled with opportunities to engage with our art installations, performers, and creators while forming lasting connections with your friends and fellow Elementals. We meticulously design every aspect of our universe to ensure adventure awaits at every turn. Our map is overflowing with hidden secrets to discover, spontaneous performances to witness, games to play, music to dance to, and lifelong friendships to forge. All that’s left is for you to find your place in the tribe and add your own unique tale to the Elements story.


Our Vision

Music and art have a magnetic power to unite people from all walks of life. At Elements Festival, we’re united by our love for electronic music, discovering new genres, and growing as a tribe. The #iamelemental ethos means you’re part of the festival family. In other words, you’re as important as every musician, DJ, performer, and artist because you inspire us to create Elements. Our vision is reflected in the diversity of our tribe and our line-up of artists. We feature musicians and creators at all stages of their careers and from various styles and genres. We also welcome and embrace people of all races, ages, abilities, genders, and orientations. All are welcome in our world, with the only requirement being to treat fellow Elementals with respect, kindness, and love.


Our Values

Elements Festival is a family-friendly event that values our elders, the youngest members of our tribe, and everyone in between. We’re here for it if you need to let loose and free yourself from the stress and pressures of modern life. But we invite you to do so in a conscious way that sets a beautiful example for the younger Elementals you’ll be sharing space with. A special kind of magic blooms when people of all ages and backgrounds unite to celebrate life, art, and music. We can’t wait for you to feel this powerfully positive energy when you join us for Elements Festival 2024.