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Elements is a long-established part of Australia’s musical ecosystem, with a healthy crop of festivals, day parties and events sprouting all year-round. Known for scouting unusual locations, from secret city rooftops to hidden, inner-city gardens, parklands and secluded bushland properties. Collaborating with the best local and international artists to brew dance floor experiences like no other. We offer cutting-edge music, breathtaking light, laser and video mapping shows, captivating decor, and awe-inspiring performances, plus a plethora of workshops, all packaged into sensory experiences like no other.

Made for those who understand the beauty of blending nature with music, Elements Festival has forged a strong community united around art and sustainability. Each year, our eco-friendly endeavours get a fresh new boost, with zero-waste initiatives, tree planting, and a plethora of other programs.

Not just another music festival and definitely not your average doof, Elements is an ever-growing adventure not to be missed.

See below for details on our Elements Outdoor & Club Nights happening ahead of Elements Festival 2024 in January. 

For more on Elements Festival 2024, you can explore music, arts, apply to participate, check ticket availability and read about everything in between via our info section.

Upcoming | Elements In The City

Welcome to the urban transformation of Elements Festival 2024. We’re bringing the magic of our 4-day festival to the heart of Brisbane, serving up 3 full day-to-night events in 3 epic locations, featuring music across 3 genres! Think of it like a classy 3-course meal for your ears.
By joining us at all 3 Elements In The City events, you get to squeeze all the juice out of ELF24 while supporting these talented artists. You’ll also be helping the broken Elements crew more than you can imagine. With your support, we can regroup, pay all our contributors, and slowly rebuild. So, let’s keep the music cranking and the Aussie arts scene alive.

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