Camping | Accommodation

General Camping

Your Elements Festival ticket includes access to the General Camp Grounds from Thursday to Monday for 4-day Ticket Holders. Friday to Monday for 3-day Ticket Holders. Saturday to Monday for 2-day Ticket Holders. Thursday is the earliest admission. Your Festival Ticket does NOT include a Vehicle Pass. If you wish to have your vehicle in the campground, you will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass separately. Keen to secure yourself one of the best spots on-site, featuring electricity and easy access to hot showers and flushing toilets? Head on over to the VIP Camping section to book your spot.


VIP Camping | Upgrade

Elements Festival 2024 will feature our luxe VIP Camping area. This space has been purpose-built for supreme comfort. As a VIP camper, you get to enjoy perfectly level land, with your own power supply and a nearby shower and toilet block. VIP Powered Camping Plots are prime (empty) real estate, you are expected to supply your own camping gear or book camping to suit! By purchasing a VIP Camping Plot, you also unlock the ability to pre-select the spot you want to camp in, making this the perfect option for camping with mates – your space will be clear and ready for you, no matter what time you arrive. On top of all these cushy benefits, you get to enjoy the best location for accessing the festival grounds. For your convenience, we have two VIP plot sizes to choose from: Medium & Large.


VIP Powered Camp Site [Medium Plot]

Medium Plot includes: 50m² – 5 x 5m, Powered site, 1 x Vehicle Pass.
If you like to spread out when you camp, then our Medium-sized plot may be the spot for you. At 50m², these lush sites offer plenty of space for shade structures and room to play with your toys. The Medium Plot package entitles you to VIP camping access for a single car and up to 4 people.


VIP Powered Camp Site [Large Plot]

Large Plot includes: 100m² – 10m x 10m Powered site, 2 x Vehicle Passes
The most spacious spots on-site, our Large plot offers luxury in a world full of luxury! In addition to an expansive 100m² plot of land, you’ll secure yourself VIP camping access for two cars and up to 8 people.


VIP Powered Camp Site [Large Plot: Bus, RV, Car Caravan Plot]

Bus, RV, Car Caravan Plot includes: 100m² – 10m x 10m Powered site, 1 x Large Vehicle Pass (Inc Bus or Caravan).
This is the place to be if you have a caravan, bus, or RV requiring power. These sites are on beautifully level land that’s been developed with your rigs in mind. This plot offers access for either 1x Bus/RV or Car and caravan and up to 8 people.

Please note: All of the above VIP Camping packages are upgrades, so they must be purchased in addition to your festival ticketsFor Elements Festival 2024, each person will need their own festival ticket to be allowed through the gates. A Vehicle Pass is required per vehicle to enter the festival site. Depending on the VIP Package purchased, only 1-2 vehicles are permitted in this space. Venue access for VIP Camping begins from 10am Thursday the 25th of January for Elements Festival 2024 for the 4-Day Ticket holders.


Glamping Package Upgrade [Bell Tent Options]

To help you maximise your Elements experience, we’ve created a beautiful little village of bell tents, ready and waiting for an assortment of Elementals to populate it. Along with your spacious pre-pitched tent, you get an airbed, sheets, doona, pillows, and a variety of upgrade options. These spacious and decadent rigs are ideal for those of you who’d like to balance your time in the Aussie wilderness with a bit of comfort and luxury. They’re also perfectly suited to anyone who may be arriving late, especially if you’re rocking up after work. Finally reaching your campsite and being already completely set up means you get to dive into the adventure without a moment’s hesitation. Think of it like skipping the annoying instructional level at the start of a game. If that sounds like your jam, then book your bell tent quickly because our glamping village always fills up fast.


Rent-A-Tent [Scout Tent Options]

Tent City has well and truly settled into the Elements landscape, so you will be able to stake your claim on affordable campground real estate for Elements Festival 2024. Though it is similar in design to our Glamping Village, Tent City offers cheaper packages for Elementals who have a strict budget. Your festival lodgings will still be cosy and comfortable, and you have a number of package options courtesy of Wow Tents.


Family | Quiet Camping

Elements Festival is all about inclusivity and allowing people from all walks of life to carve their own unique path through our world. We understand that families have different camping requirements from other tribe members, so we have a dedicated area situated slightly away from the other camp areas. This quiet little haven is perfect for families with little ones who need peace and quiet to sleep. This area will be clearly signed, and we ask that all our Elementals show respect for the quiet nature of this region of the Elements map.


Disabled Camping

To make life easier for the members of our tribe who have mobility issues, we’ve established a disabled camping site that’s conveniently located for easy access to the festival grounds. Please email us if you need to take advantage of this area.