The Elements culture is built around respecting and honouring the marvellous diversity you’ll find in our tribe. The festival offers you the remarkable opportunity to celebrate life with people decades older and younger than you. This dramatically expands your scope for creating meaningful connections while partying in a responsible and considerate way. Elements has also forged a strong connection with the traditional custodians of our land. Each year, we welcome representatives from the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara peoples who share cultural performances, offer workshops, and engage and connect with the wider Elemental community. From the workshops, performances, yarn circles, and storytelling sessions to the markets, art gallery, dance floors, and chill-out spaces, you get to weave your own path through a lush cultural environment that offers endless opportunities for connection.


Welcome To Country

Elements Festival is all about inclusivity, and we love seeing the unique ways you all engage with our world. Our Welcome to Country and other cultural ceremonies are among the most important elements of the festival. During these shared moments, the entire community comes together, paying respect to the traditional custodians of the land, and fostering a deeper connection to everyone around us. We invite you to join us for these significant events, and we promise you’ll be glad you did. The energy that arises during these performances, acknowledgements, and ceremonies will uplift you for the rest of the weekend, treating you to a generally wholesome and long-lasting natural high.


Workshops | Program

Want to leave Elements Festival 2024 feeling rejuvenated in every way? Good stuff! We suggest spending as much time as possible in our Lifestyle Village. Here, you’ll discover a variety of workshops designed to help you heal, grow, and unlock new levels in your life. Amongst the fully-stocked workshop program, you’ll find plenty of cultural workshops offered by First Nations people. We can’t emphasise enough how valuable these workshops are. From yarn & weaving circles to didge carving and sound healing, they give you the opportunity to expand your understanding of the world while connecting with the traditional custodians of the beautiful land we call home.