As part of our commitment to inclusivity, the Elements team has done everything possible to make our site wheelchair accessible. We even have places set aside for charging wheelchairs. However, it’s crucial that we be completely transparent with you – we’re still out in the Aussie bush, where dirt paths, sticks, stones and all sorts of other natural features are the norm. So please consider your unique needs and circumstances when deciding whether the festival is for you. If you have any questions or would like more details about the festival’s accessibility features, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you with the information you need.


Disability Camping

To make life easier for our tribe members with mobility issues, we’ve established a dedicated camping site that offers easy access to the festival grounds. Please email us if you want to learn more about this area or need to take advantage of it.


Disability Access

We have designed the Elements Festival site to feature wheelchair-accessible roads and pathways between the stages and major entertainment areas. However, our home is a natural space, so these paths don’t feature the smooth, paved surfaces typical of urban areas. Our dance floors are open and wheelchair accessible. They don’t feature designated viewing platforms or dedicated areas, so you’ll be in the mix with all your fellow Elementals.


Companion Card

Will you be bringing a companion or carer with you to Elements Festival 2024? We accept companion cards and offer complimentary tickets for carers, so please get in touch with us to arrange your tickets.